.::Dush! kene tagged~::.

Alamak, kene tagged dgn Mr. Adam. Erm, tgh boring2 nie, layan je la....
Mood tgh baek nie...

Tagged kali nie tagged bergambar....
Nie gambar yang baru je aku ambil... Tanpa sebarang edit-mengedit, nie la pic latest aku... Hehehe~

Law & Order:

  1. Take a recent picture of yourself or take a picture of yourself right NOW!
  2. DON'T change your clothes, DON'T fix your hair...just take a picture.
  3. Post that picture with NO editing.
  4. Post these instruction with your picture.
  5. Tag 3 people to do this.
Here the 3 luckiest person... hehehe..
Mr. Ashraf Faiz
Mr. Syukor

Ms. Adah



Rabiatul Adawiyah said...

suke yer tagged2 orang yer?

takpe2.. masamu nnti akan tiba juga yer?

nnti adah wat yer...

Violetz said...

Huhu.. tag ni ada kt page thirah nih.. huhu..

fIcK a.k.a kaka said...

to adah: saje je busan2

to violet: oh ye ker..
erm, x perasan~

Rabiatul Adawiyah said...

sudah buat dah tagged nih~


tp adah kenala pkai selendang~

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